Choose a Quality Mink Coat

Turn the garment over. You will find a lining, which should showcase excellent tailoring. Under the lining you will find the leather underside of the hide. Examining the underside will provide key details about the overall quality of the garment. Check the craftsmanship of the hide to ensure that the seams are straight and tight. Generally, you will find thin strips of pelt of equal size, sewn together. The seams should be perfectly parallel to each other, without hair sewn into the seams. You should find no gapping or uneven seams. The hems along the bottom edge of the jacket and the sleeves should be even and straight. Tug on the hide gently and you should feel a slight give in the leather. If the apparel does not match these criteria, you can deduce that it is of inferior quality. Inferior quality goods should have a lower price than higher quality goods.

Try on the mink coat to see how it feels on you. As you wear it, it should hang straight and even from your shoulders. Look in the mirror to ensure that the hems are straight while you’re wearing the apparel. Assess the weight of the coat for …

Some Styles of Handbags

  • Cross body. A cross body bag comes in different sizes and shapes. It is however, most commonly seen in a square or rectangular shape. What singles out cross body handbags are their long straps, worn across the body. Cross body purses are great because you are hands-free and much less likely to lay them down and lose them; making them ideal for shopping and sightseeing.
  • Weekender. The weekender was thoughtfully designed to be the perfect size travel bag for a weekend trip and it is, but it is also so much more than that. Some weekend bags are compartmentalized while others are just deep open bags. Weekend bags can take the place of diaper bags, carry-on bags for airplanes, or even just used on those days when your list of “essentials” is never ending.
  • Tote bag. A tote bag is typically a large open bag with handles at the top. Totes usually do not have any compartments inside. These bags can be used for just about anything; grocery shopping, books, laptops or tablets, and so on. If it will fit in the tote it can be carried in it. Since such a variety of things are to be carried in

A-Line Dresses

Tent dresses

These are usually fitted only at the top (around the bodice) and they are sleeveless or strapless. Some of the outfits are very short and sometimes resemble skirts. The most unique thing about the dress is that it lacks a well defined waist. This is because all the material hangs loose over the torso and flows down to or past the hips.

Since the dress is extremely flowing and comfortable, it’s ideal for heavier women or those who are pregnant.

Classic A line

The style is triangular in shape and often flatters every body type. The reason for this is because it transforms every curve in the body into a symmetrical line thus hiding the lower and often problematic areas. In addition to hiding the problematic areas, it also draws attention up towards the torso.

Due to its nature to flatter your figure, the dress is usually used as a formal wear. It’s also mostly worn in weddings as a bridesmaid dress.

Guide to buying the outfits

The first thing you should consider is the fabric used in making the dress. Just like other dresses, this dress is made from different fabrics. For example, there are those that …

Cocktail Dresses Can Give You a Slim Look

Basically, all the cocktail outfits designs are meant to draw attention. Therefore, you need to be confident while wearing them because everyone will be looking at you. If you do you think that you are not slim enough for the dress, you should consider wearing dark colors. Such colors will disguise your figure and make you appear slimmer than you actually are. Some of the colors you should consider include gray, black and navy blue.

The other tip is to opt for the dresses that have vertical patterns rather than the ones with horizontal patterns. To create an illusion that you are slimmer, you should consider cocktail outfits that have vertical stripes. Again, do not try to wear dresses that have multiple colors if you are attempting to look slim. Instead, you should only go for cocktail dresses that have a single color, such as black. In addition to making the dress appear busy, multiple colored dresses will also make your figure appear bulky. A single colored dress on the other hand, will make your figure appear slimmer.

A dress that is in loose fitting will nor do you any good, if you are trying to create an impression that …

Dress As A Tall, Slim Man

  • The Internet is your friend. Stores will almost never carry anything for you. Your search for proper fitting clothing should be exclusively online. And remember that online stores allow returns. Buy a variety of clothes you think might work and return whatever doesn’t fit. Then you can stock up on the brands you like.
  • For pants, you want straight leg fits and nothing else. Straight leg pants sit just below your natural waist. A 34 length will have a better chance of being long enough for you because your pants hang a little lower. And your hips are a bit wider than your natural waist, so instead of needing 28 waist you might need a 30 waist. Finding a 30×34 is much easier than a 28×36. Slim straight leg fits can avoid excessive bagginess.
  • For shorts, look for 13″ inseams. You can find all kinds of shorts with all kinds of waist sizes that should fit you. But you want shorts that are long enough, and 13″ is the inseam you need. Dickeys brand has some of these at Walmart that work well.
  • For dress shirts, look at any of the custom websites out there. Some stores like Men’s Wearhouse

Shop For Boots Online

If you have a fetish for boots, you know how important it is to find the best choice for you. Online stores will have huge boot collections for you to choose from but you must also play your part to get the very best. Knowing your legs and calves might be all the hints you need to make the right selection thus reducing on disappointments especially with online purchases.

  • Tip 1 – If your calves are thick, choose boots with stretchy fabric or leather, elastic gussets, laces and buckles should work fine for you. To flatter your leg curve, you can also choose those with angled cuffs. The secret is to avoid boots that can make wearing tedious as well as boots ending at the area the calf is widest or wraparound straps accentuating the fullness. You can wear your boot with leggings or tights with matching color for that lean long line look.
  • Tip 2 – If your legs are short, go for wedged and heeled boots to lengthen the appearance of your leg. Streamlined designs complete with vertical accents such as laces and zippers are best for you because they move the eyes upward compared to sideways. The

Evolution of Luxury Leather Belts for Men

Leather as a material has proved popular for so long by virtue of being supple but also strong and durable in nature.

The Ancient Egyptians carried leather bags and pouches, but the earliest examples of leather belts that we know about were worn by the Ancient Greeks and the Romans. They were less fashionable and more practical back then though, and not in the sense of holding trousers up (there were no trousers, just robes and tunics), but in providing a way of carrying weapons, tools, purses, and pouches, which were slung or hung off them. Sashes and straps had been worn for this reason informally perhaps as far back as the bronze age, but the Greeks and the Romans were as far as we know the first to standardise and refine the concept. As such, the familiar sight of Roman and Greek soldiers drawing their swords from their leather belts that we all know from epic films is in fact historically correct.

For these obvious practical qualities, of hanging weapons and tools from them, belts have remained popular with soldiers ever since. Again, familiar images of knights and crusaders drawing their swords from scabbards hung from their belts, and …

Tricks Select a Perfect Pair of Formal Shoes

Match your shoe size with your trouser cuts

Broader shoes carry a clunky look when matched with a pair of slim-fit trousers. On the contrary, match your slim and pointed shoes with regular fit trousers. You can easily get your hands on perfect and trendy styles in shoes in any of the popular men’s shoe stores. You can also seek their expert help before zeroing down on it.

Shoe colours in the formal story

Black shoes are the undisputed owner in the territory of formal attire but recently some bright colours are coming up to break the monopoly of the black magic over the shoe industry. However, their level of acceptance in the corporate world is still comparatively low, and you need to be quite confident about your look while flaunting the same.

Shoes for an office party

For an office party, you definitely cannot wear the same old pair of formal shoes that you wear for the entire week. You can try loafers. Now there is a misconception that loafers are casual shoes, but in reality, they come in several formal cuts. These kinds of loafers are perfect for an office party and Sunday office outings. It will give …