Look Cool in Stripes

Not only diagonal

Traditionally, at least in the UK, we wear our stripes on the diagonal, running right to left (when seen from above), although the fashion in the US has also included left to right stripes. But whichever way your stripes run, as long as you keep the stripes parallel across your knot of choice, you’ll look fab. Of course, stripes don’t have to be diagonal – horizontal, and even vertical look great when matched well with the right shirt, cardigan, or jacket.


For the office, a blue and amber striped tie worn with a plain shirt is a match made in heaven, so too is apple green and white, or teal and white. The classic look usually involves two colours but three colours are also terrific – think jade green, pink and purple, or how about light blue, mustard and white?

Seasonal colours in stripes are a great way of celebrating and harmonising with the time of year by wearing brighter colours in spring and summer, and darker more muted colours in autumn and winter. But it doesn’t have to be that way. Why not wear purple, gold, pink, or orange in black and white January; or forest green, mustard, charcoal, or black in July?

Casual or formal

If you want to achieve a more casual look with a striped tie you can easily do so. Ditching the jacket and paring your tie with a vest or waistcoat hits all the right notes, and a striped tie worn with a slim fitting cardigan or jumper also strikes a cool chord – just don’t have the tie knot pulled too tight! Talking of knots, the four-in-hand is the simplest to tie and the one that looks more informal, whereas the full or half Windsor knot, is a good choice for more formal occasions. As accessories go, the striped tie is one of the most versatile and there is such a great choice of colours, cuts and designs to choose from that casual or smart, you’ll be spoiled for choice!

Lederhosen History

When the Germans started using the breeches, they made them out of leather. The reason why they were made from leather is because they were worn for hard physical work thus leather was used to ensure that the outfits lasted for a long time.

Lederhosen are mostly associated with German boys. The boys used to wear these outfits up to the age of 16 years. The outfits lacked embroidery decorations; however, they had typical attributes such as braces and drop-front flap.

Other than German boys, the outfits were also worn by Austrian boys. Today the outfits are worn during special occasions such as Zelfest.

Lederhosen come in different styles and lengths; however, they have two defining features: suspenders and front design. The two main styles are short pants and knickers. The short pants are the most popular and they come in different designs and lengths that depend on the fashion trends.

The outfits were usually worn with regular clothes. The German boys wore the clothing with a wide variety of garments. For example, they wore the outfits with T-shirts and even with collared shirts. This is because the boys wore the outfits to different occasions such as school, play, casual occasions, and just as a way of dressing up.

The outfits were usually worn with front suspenders that crossed over the back. The suspenders were made from different materials and styles. For example, there were suspenders that had five stops instead of four. These ones were used on heavy lederhosen.

In addition to suspenders, the outfits were also worn with knee socks and split socks. Knee socks were worn with knicker-length lederhosen while split socks were worn with short style outfits. During summer, the boys wore the outfits with ankle socks.

Classy Ethnic Fashions

The traditionalists and textile enthusiasts always go for pure silk sarees over any other variety. As the name suggests, these are garments woven using only pure silk. Even within this category there are many different varieties to choose from. The type of silk can vary from Tussar and Eri to Dupioni and Jacquard, each of which have a different aesthetic and look. The style of weaving will differ from place to place as artisans from each state or region usually have a unique method they use to make silk sarees. For instance, Mysore sarees are produced in and around Mysore and are famed throughout the world for their elegant and exquisite look. These are some of the finest sarees in the country and are widely coveted for their colorful, lustrous look and intricate designs. Another trendy garment from the neighboring state, the Kanjeevaram saree, is much richer and opulent in its look but the Mysore saree is often preferred because it is much more versatile and affordable despite having a fine look. It is not just south India where popular silk garments can be found; other areas like Varanasi, Patola, Surat and Maharashtra are also known for their lovely pure silk sarees.

Nowadays, getting hold of these beautiful regional garments is not at all difficult. Women can easily browse any traditional outfits, such as Mysore silk sarees, online and then have their choice delivered right to their doorstep. This increases the customer base for these garments and also provides a great economic impetus to the artisans and weavers of such traditional sarees.

On the other hand, many modern women prefer to wear art silk made with artificially produced silk. These garments have a slightly different aesthetic because of the properties of the artificial fabric. They are much more affordable and usually come with more modern, western designs. Art silk sarees have a slightly stiff drape and muted look which makes them appropriate for low-key parties and office wear as well as weddings and festivals.

Get a Great Custom-Made Suit

Selecting the fabric

After having chosen a very reputed tailor, you need to select an appropriate fabric for your suit, because it is the fabric of the suit that makes it distinctive. Many popular designers use fabrics with a quality mark of 100s or 110s, with the intent of cutting down the costs and enhancing their profit.

If you decided to avoid buying a branded suit, you should get a fabric of higher quality at the same cost, or even lower. A quality mark above 110s will surely make a long-lasting, respectable suit. The higher the quality mark, the better the quality of your suit.

Measurements for a perfect fitting

The measurements taken by a professional tailor will create a custom-made suit that fits you like a glove. It is obvious that your tailor is making suits day in and day out, and knows his job very well. Yet, you should communicate your precise requirements to him, and welcome his valuable suggestions.

You should understand that getting a custom-made suit is all the more worthwhile for people with a distinguishable body structure. For example, a smart tailor can create a suit that makes a chubby man look thinner and striking. You don’t get these privileges when buying a branded suit.

Deciding the style

You’ll need to choose between two button and three button suits. Will the suit be single or double-breasted? Your tailor is the best man to help you decide. You may choose to go for the latest style, but if you are rather conservative and you often avoid following the ongoing trends, you should go for a suit with a traditional style. Of-course, you can surely rely on the judgment of your tailor.

Making it personalized

The most helpful aspect of getting a suit according to your specifications is the fact that you can include some personal touches that will make it unique, and give it genuine looks. You may ask for buttons of a particular style, or have pockets according to your taste and convenience. Such features give your suit very distinctive looks, which are sure to impress your friends and colleagues.

Final fitting

Once the custom-made suit is ready, you need to try it in the presence of the tailor. You should check each and every detail, and you should feel free to make slight adjustments wherever needed. Ensure that the suit perfectly fits you. If everything is OK, it’s time to pay for it!

Spot Fake Jeans

Because there so many fake jeans available in the market today, it is important for you as a customer to verify and buy the original designer jeans for men. Here are a few ways by which you can distinguish the branded original jeans from the fake ones:-

  • Fabric – The quality of the denim fabric is the biggest and most prominent difference in the premium jeans and the regular ones. Before you make the purchase look and verify the quality of denim fabric used to manufacture the product. The original pair will have a softer and lighter feel of the fabric when you touch it.
  • Stitching – One other way of distinguishing fake jeans from the original designer jeans is the stitching work done on the material. Original jeans are crafted keeping in mind the smallest details. The stitching work of the original pair will be even, perfect and tight.
  • Pockets – Most of the brands of jeans have their own style of pockets as their statement. You can figure out the difference in the pocket design if it is not original. You can visit the website of the designer jeans brand and look for the specifications. You can spot out the difference when you go for shopping in the store.
  • Label – Earlier, label was the only thing you look for to distinguish between an original and a fake pair of jeans. Now the manufacturers have become very smart at their job, and thus you need to look for the stitching of the label on the jeans. If the stitching is loose and not perfect then the pair of jeans is not original.

Designer jeans are expensive but are totally worth their price, which is if you buy the original pair. It is totally worth to check out for the original pair of jeans and make your money worth the expense.

Plus Sized Dresses Help Women Look Good

  • Look Good: Plus dresses in soft and comfortable material are a boon for women on the heavier side who because of their extra weight aren’t able to try outfits that slimmer women try. They are reluctant in trying out new designs because of the fear of being ridiculed. However, today this is a thing of the past when plus dresses weren’t so easily available. Today, thanks to plus size stores which sell plus size dresses, many plus size women are opting for plus size dresses like never before. It helps them look slimmer and accentuate their well-endowed assets.
  • Look Slim and shapely: Plus size are essential and a must have for oversized women who want to look slim and in good shape. It accentuates the curves at the right places and hides the flaws and imperfections. The best part is that it makes a woman look really attractive with a slender and curvaceous body which not only makes the woman look beautiful and attractive but also supple, young and very feminine. The right outfit can go a long way to decide how you look. Don’t let your belly protrude out from your dress – just wear a plus sized dress. You don’t have to always look slim to be sexy.
  • Fits well: The most common reason plus dresses are becoming so popular is because they fit really well on a fuller figure and take the shape of the body contours. It’s like custom tailored apparel and helps a lot in making the woman look slimmer and voluptuous. It gives the body a good shape.
  • Extra Space: The plus dress gives more room to the hips and thighs. Well-made plus size dresses do much to help women with heavy body weight. It provides gives more room for your hips and thighs, it doesn’t have to be loose from these areas. In fact if it fits just right,the dress can be very comfortable. It looks perfect, it fits well and you look super.

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Insight On Different Types Of Ethnic Wear

  • Saree: A saree has been in trend for ages and never goes out of fashion. Sarees are available in different styles, fabrics, patterns, shades, designs etc. You can buy different sarees for different occasions. From simple printed ones to heavily embellished sarees, you can buy the one that best suits your occasion and taste. You can drape sarees in a variety of styles from traditional to modern.
  • Salwar Kameez: These are extremely popular and very comfortable. The traditional salwar kameez have made a great come back and are trending. Leading designers have added a twist to the traditional salwar kameez and now you can buy these in variety of styles and designs. The collection includes lightly embroidered to salwar kameez that are heavily embellished with rhinestones, zari work, gems, stones etc.
  • Lawn Suits: Lawn suits can be worn to cocktail parties, ceremonies and on other special occasions. These are easily available online in various designs, shades, patterns, styles and fabrics. You can buy lawn dresses online at great deals and make a unique style statement.
  • Lehengas: Gone are the days when lehengas were only purchased by the brides-to-be. Apart from a wide array of designer bridal lehengas, you now get lehengas in lighter fabrics which are less embellished and can be worn for weddings, parties, ceremonies etc. You can also choose to buy semi-stitched or un-stitched lehengas online.
  • Kurtis/Kurtas: If you’re looking for Indian wear that you can wear to work, cotton kurta or kurtis is just what you need. You get kurtas in various fabrics in different prints, designs, shades etc. You can buy short kurtas and wear with denims or trousers; you can buy long ones and pair these up with leggings, jeggings or pants. These are extremely comfortable and offer a chic look.
  • Anarkali Suits: Another popular and trending Indian attire for women is the anarkali suit. Available in different fabrics, variety of styles and designs, heavy, light in various patterns, anarkali suits have made a great comeback from the past. Women of all shapes and sizes can wear anarkali suits and flaunt these in style. This is one outfit that suits every body shape and size.

Party Wear Suits

  • Anarkali Suits. These are inspired from the ancient styles of Mughal culture. These are generally longer as compared to the traditional suits. You can wear these in order to get a wow look. Rich in designs & colors, these are best to offer you stunning appearance.
  • A Line Suits. The designers have specially created these collections in special designs. These are having a longer length as compared to the normal suits. These are perfect to give you sensuous looks at the parties. These are surely the perfect outfit to wear at parties.
  • Casual Suits. It is another category of party wear suits. These are available in pleasing shades & motifs. The designers are offering innovative cuts in order to give them a modern touch. You can wear these during the occasion of the party in order to stand out from the crowd.

The party wear suits are specially designed for festive occasions. These contain very beautiful motifs & shades. The designers use various color patterns so that their collection becomes exclusive. The colors are best to reflect the occasion. So, the leading brands as well as online stores are offering their collection in jubilant colors so that these flawlessly match the themes of the function. The colors like red, orange, yellow, beige, green, etc.

The party wear suits are basically available in printed & designer patterns. These are specially created so as to meet the diverse requirements of buyers. The different buyers have different taste. So, it is necessary to satisfy the taste of maximum buyers.

The designer party wear suits are best outfits for grand occasions. These are designed in beautiful color combinations & fascinating motifs. In addition to these, heavy designer work of embroidery is also employed. In this, special designs are crafted with the help of the colorful threads, sequins, beads & other decorative items. These designs multiply the elegance of the outfits. These designs are specially crafted along the neckline or at the sleeves or at the borders. These design patterns will surely give women the most pleasing looks.

The printed party wear suits are also highly demanded these days. In these, colorful motifs are used to offer mesmerizing looks. These suits are best to wear when you are attending the evening parties. In some of the collections, very light embroidery work is also used in order to offer impressive looks.

Superhero Costumes For Ladies

Spider Woman

There are many options that you can go with here. For example, you can wear a full body suit that comes with a combination of bright blue and dark red colors. If you don’t like the suit you should consider going for a blue skirt. To complete the look you should wear a spider woman mask.


Storm is one of the most popular characters of the X-men franchise. Although, the storm costume is simple, it’s usually very recognizable. For a perfect look you should wear a fitted block clothing with an X-men logo over the belt buckle.

Cat Woman

Do you want to portray a complex character? You should go for the cat woman costume. Although, the character is morally unstable, the costume remains the same. You should wear a tight-fitting black bodysuit. To complete the look you should wear a simple black eye mask.

Silk Spectre

This outfit involves a black and yellow color motif. You can wear a black bodysuit with a yellow trim underneath or a short yellow dress cinched with a black motice. Regardless of the costume that you wear, you should ensure that you wear high black boots and a pair of fishnet stockings.


This costume has a number of unique features. One of the most notable features is the purple wig. You should also wear a zipped-up purple jacket and purple skirt. To complete the look you should wear black leather gloves and boots. You should also wear a black eye mask.

Buying a Custom Made Suit

The quality and perfection of the material made in foreign factories can vary a lot, but in general the process of manufacturing has gone through significant changes worldwide. Something produced in China shouldn’t necessarily mean it is worthless. It all depends on the manufacturing process and the quality control measures incorporated there.

Each vendor offering to style your suit has its own view of how suits should be cut to compliment the body of its wearer.

For instance, established British vendors have a tendency to cut with bigger margins (the variation between the measurements of a customer’s body and the final measurements of the finished garment) in order to give a looser fitting, having a smoother ‘fall.’ English tailors favor a heavier material, a shorter gorge line and a general composition of the jacket (wider shoulder pads, taut chest canvas etc.)

Italian tailors, on the other hand, favor lighter material, smaller margins, an elevated gorge with a more lithe structure (reduced padding, softer shoulder etc).

The style of cutting may vary from tailor to tailor, even within the same state or city. For instance, tailors operating in midtown Manhattan are generally inclined to produce more conventional clothing having British accents for older clients, whereas the style of downtown shops is usually influenced by the Italian cuts for the younger generation.

It is important that you understand the style of your vendor to get the type of fitting you wish to have. The best way to understand the style is to inquire if you could try a ready to wear garment close to your size.

In case you are considering undertaking any plans for transforming your body in a big way, it will be good to wait till you have achieved the shape you have been looking for, and feel comfortable with, before ordering a custom suit. And, be sure of maintaining your weight. A costly tailored suit shall keep you motivated to remain in shape!