Costume Fabric

  • It determines your comfort levels – The fact is that there are fabrics that are not that comfortable to the skin and can leave you feeling uncomfortable. If you love a dress too much, but the fabric does not seem to be favoring you, you can consider making highlights such as adding other clothing items in the areas you feel a problematic for you. This way, you can keep the fabric off your skin keeping irritation issues at bay.
  • It determines what you wear underneath – Some of the fabrics are so light that you would need to choose very good underwear to look your best and to keep you warm enough especially during the colder months. On the other hand, when the fabric used in making it is very heavy or thick, you might not find it necessary to wear any other clothing items underneath it especially in the hot months since it can get really uncomfortable for you. You can use the fabric to guide in your layering or underwear choice.
  • It determines the costume look – Even though the manufacturers carefully select the fabrics and other materials they use on the costumes, it is possible to find some that do not look right for the themes they are made for. For instance, a fabric that is too light might end up making the costume lose its shape, making it harder to tell what you are. When selecting therefore, ensure that the fabric is good enough in maintaining the shape and the look of the costume even after you have washed it several times. This is considering that some do shrink after they are washed and they definitely won’t look the same again.
  • It determines the care – When you purchase a fancy dress costume, you of course will want to keep it in good shape through proper maintenance. The right care is the secret to having your costume serve all your needs for a long time. The fabric it is made from can determine how easy or how hard it is to wash or clean it. Some fabrics might only require wiping after use while others need special attention during wash to keep them in top shape. Consider the care and maintenance levels your fabric requires and how comfortable you are with the washing requirements before making the final decision. It will give you an easy time with the costume every time.