Crazy T-Shirts

I often think of the person who thought about putting wild designs or sayings on modern t-shirts. Some are really cool, but others are plain crazy. Did you know that the person who invented these t-shirts had to wear them in public in order to test the reactions of others? These brought him so much attention that he was named the inventor of a new style.

1960’s slogans for teens

The crazy trends of the 60s came with colorful and wild designs that attracted people instantly. Butterflies, tie-dye patterns, peace signs are just some of the examples. These slogans were meant to make people feel part of the same group or movement. Even nowadays, these t-shirts keep on doing the same thing.

Wacky tees aren’t just for young people

It is not a rule that only young people can wear crazy t-shirts with a funny message. Imagine how hilarious it is to see a senior dressed in a t-shirt that says something like – “wish I could have a hearing aid so I could turn you off.”

Elder persons can instantly get their groove back by watching the way people react to the messages on their t-shirt.

Politically incorrect

This type of t-shirts represents those who have a good sense of humor and lots of strong ideas.

If you want to find a fast way to tell people about your opinions on today’s world, then you should wear one of these t-shirts. There is a popular saying which states that politics is strange, but from what we can see, politics can also create strange t-shirts.

Fool for attention

Wearing a t-shirt with a huge slogan on your chest is the perfect way to attract attention on yourself (or your chest). The craziest the slogan, the better. If people laugh whenever they see it, then the message has been received the proper way. One might also wear a t-shirt that grabs attention because lots of people admire those who can boldly state what’s on their mind without having to worry about what people might think.

Everyone gets one

Fashion changes during the years, but clothing items remain the same. You can be sure of the fact that you can wear a t-shirt without worrying that it might go out of style. Not to mention that it is also very comfortable and you can combine it with all types of clothes to get different styles (casual, party, rocker, bohemian, etc.)

Everyone can find the type of t-shirt that can look good on them. And those who find their perfect match even dress their pets in crazy t-shirts. If Paris Hilton and her dog can do it, then so can we!