Dressing For The Holidays

Admittedly the constant hues of browns and greys can get a bit boring but with Christmas right around the corner, adding a little bit of fun into the wardrobe is very exciting and very possible. From the office party to a family event, there is always a lot going on during the holiday season which means that even if you don’t consider yourself a fashion savvy kind of bloke; you’ll need to ensure you have a fitting wardrobe for every occasion.

From the fancy to the casual; there is an abundance of choice on offer from both high street retailers to designers and whatever your style and preference there is always something for everyone (and it doesn’t have to be brown!). Knowing what to pick however can be the tricky part; what will work for a different occasion and what will suit you the most? There is a lot to consider!

Ready to get in the holiday spirit and get your wardrobe ready, then our below points should give you a nudge in the right direction…

  • Understated Cocktail- By cocktail I mean smart enough for an evening event yet just not enough for an extremely formal event. Whether this is the office party or a family occasion, it is important to look the part without looking as though you are trying too hard. Think well-tailored suit, crisp shirts and a tie to match; whether from a mens designer label or your favourite high street brand it’s the perfect dapper look for any holiday do.
  • Knitwear- Understandably having to put comfort before fashion is never anyone style loving man’s choice but when it gets cold it the jumpers and cardigans become a must have. For a Christmas event however, the right knitwear can actually be the perfect choice. Before you get ahead of yourself get those Christmas jumpers adorned with baubles’ and pictures of Rudolph out of your head; novelty is not the key to creating style! Consider a quality crew neck jumper or a cashmere cable knit over a shirt and trousers; with the right choice, you could have the perfect look without bordering on the “too casual”.
  • No Casual– Tying in with the point I made above, casual clothing is a no during the holiday season. Admittedly the last thing you will want to do is rock the bow ties and dickeys everywhere you go but overly casual clothing won’t work; it’s the holidays and it’s all about making an effort. Men’s clothing is so diverse so saying you only had jeans and a t-shirt is no excuse because the options available are endless. Whether there is a fashion code on the invite or not or you’re under the assumption that your Aunty Jane won’t mind if turn up in pyjamas, there is an unwritten code that when it comes to the holidays; a little effort is a must. Slim fit suits are massively in style right now but take off the jacket and replace with knitwear if you want to? or just stick with the shirt and trousers? If you have to wear jeans then stick to the classic styles and add-on a full sleeve shirt either way, turning up in something basic is a fashion no.