Filling in During Maternity Leave

The decision to hire a corporate secretary in Singapore was probably one of the best things that I’ve done for my company since I started it. The amount of work that my normal secretary was doing was increasing, and to make things worse, the secretary had to take a leave of absence because she was going to have her first child. In order to fill the void that she left, I searched around on various websites for corporate secretary services and found one that would meet my needs. The secretary was able to begin working for me the day after I hired her.

Everyone was dying to see the secretary’s new baby. Some of my workers went to the hospital to visit her and meet the baby. The baby was about as cute as anyone would expect a baby to be. While the secretary was resting with her new baby, everyone back at the office was firing on all cylinders. The new secretary was able to pick up where the old secretary left off without any problems. Anyone who walked into the office wouldn’t be able to tell that the secretary had only been working there for a short amount of time.

By the time the secretary was ready to come back to work, I decided to let the new secretary stay on with her. Since the work load had increased to the point where one person would be swamped if they had to deal with it by themselves, I figured it was a good idea to have two sets of hands doing the work. Things would move a lot faster in the office and as a whole, our entire team would be more efficient. Not to mention, everyone would be able to have a chance to go home early.