Good Bespoke Shirt

Bespoke shirts are not created on a pre-existing pattern. Users have complete control on vital designing aspects like the kind of fabric used and the fitting of the apparel, etc. Users can also customize the shirt to meet their style and preferences.

Gone are the days when men were the least bothered with their looks. Today, men are forgoing those monotonous shirts and shifting their focus to something more stylish, such as bespoke shirts. There has been a surge in the demand for bespoke shirts, where people love to follow the latest fashion trends. Selecting an appropriate bespoke shirt can be a tough task, especially if you are an amateur. This is the reason why you should tread with utmost caution when buying one. When purchasing a bespoke shirt, insure that it has been designed to fit you perfectly.

A bespoke shirt should neither be too baggy or too tight. Ideally, the shirt should complement the silhouette of your body. It should have a fabric allowance of about 6 inches on the chest and 5 inches on the stomach. The fabric allowance of the shirt should depend on your build to ensure a perfect fit. This makes the apparel a perfect fit and ensures that the user is not stifled around the shoulders, chest or stomach.

Ensure that the cuffs of the shirt don’t move up your arm when you raise your arm above your head. On the other hand, the cuffs should not be too long so that there is no excess fabric on the sleeves of the cuff. In addition to this, the length of the shirt should be long enough so that the tail of the shirt hangs below the seat when you wear it.

  • Stitching – The shirt should have single-needle stitching throughout. Though the technique is time consuming, it provides strong seams that don’t wrinkle easily. It also has a positive impact on the durability of the fabric.
  • Fabric – Never compromise on the quality of the fabric. Ensure that the shirt is made of cotton as it provides greater comfort to the wearer.

These are some of the parameters that users should check when shopping for a bespoke shirt. This list is not an exhaustive one, and you can add more points according to your specific needs.