How To Dress Skinny Body

Buy Long Enough Clothes

You should only invest in outfits that are long enough for your body. Remember that wearing an outfit that is even an inch shorter than you will make you appear too tall which will give you a weird look. Of major importance you should always aim at hiding your arms.

Here you should wear shirts with volume sleeves. If you want to add an additional shape you should go for outfits with Batwing sleeves.

Go For Thicker Fabrics

Fabrics with weight, structure and texture tend to hold their shape thus adding dimension to your frame. The texture added by these fabrics adds visual interest to your body. The texture also softens the severe body lines.

Ensure That the Clothes Are a Close Fit

You should avoid oversize clothes as they tend to accentuate your thinness. Proper fitting clothes on the other hand give you an attractive look. If you have bought an outfit and found it to be too large, you should take it to your favorite tailor and have it altered. During the alteration you should ask the tailor to take in the waist and make the legs slimmer.

Use the Right Accessories

The aim of accessories us to take the attention away from the areas that you feel insecure about. For example, if you want to draw attention from your body you should go for jewelry such as earrings. When wearing the jewelry you should be cautious that you don’t go overboard. As rule of thumb you should keep the jewelry into a moderate scale.

If you have a beautiful face you should draw attention to your face by wearing a hat.

Go For Colors

Fashion experts have been able to show that bright colors tend to create an illusion of size. Chunks of color on the other hand visually break up long body lines making your body a little fuller. When selecting the colors always go for the ones that complement skin tone.