How to Fold a Pocket Square

Now, you insert your pocket square into your front pocket with a small amount of fabric protruding out. This fold shows off a small bit of the design in the fabric. As a result, you get a saddle effect that makes any ensemble pop. Many movie stars in the 1980’s would wear the prestige fold in both single and double breasted suit jackets. Also, you can pair this technique with a sport coat or blazer.

You will also want to consider the type of fabric that your pocket square is composed of. The traditional pocket square is create from various types of silk. Many newer pocket squares follow the construction of a handkerchief with their composition of pure cotton. We believe that the cotton square will provide you with more a more playable medium — this is especially helpful for the Prestige fold. The last thing you want is for your pocket square to fall out of shape in your pocket through out the day; or even worse, if the square falls into your pocket where no one can see it. A good quality handkerchief should be mold able, but still stiff enough to hold its form after you execute a folding technique.

You might be thinking… Why wear a square at all? Just like a traditional tie, a pocket square is way for you to express your fashion sense. There are a multitude of designs and colors you can choose from. With that being said, take your time and find a design that evokes your true taste in men’s fashion. as discussed before, the patterns and designs take on a different aesthetic depending on the fabric. Cotton has become a solid choice for casual and formal occasions. For more great tips, check out our full guide on our site. If you have any questions, we are always here to help provide tips!