I Am Home from Ankara

We had a pretty good trip in spite of the fact that the deal imploded in rather spectacular fashion. In fact it was a good thing that the deal blew up in my opinion, but I was supposed to do what the company wanted. Instead I did a lot of sightseeing and I learned exactly what casino siteleri means from the guys in the hotel lobby. We arrived on time and started to wait. At first I thought it was all normal delays, but then after some time we began to realize that it was actually a political problem. The guys we were dealing with had some sort of connection to the ruling party here in Turkey, but some way or another they had run afoul of the dear leader. I do not suppose that you can call the president a dictator exactly, but that is just a matter of semantics. He is a dictator in most ways and that is one of the reasons that I did not want to do business here.

At any rate when we figure out what was going on, we decided that it was best if we beat a hasty retreat. I was leaving with our luggage when someone started to shout my name. I recognized the voice, but the other guys started to panic like they thought they were about to be hauled in for questioning. At any rate it was the guy who had taught me about betting on soccer on the web. He called me a lucky dog. Apparently I had bet on a trifecta and won it, turning fifty euros into about six hundred euros. This was news to me, but when I checked my phone I realized that it was true. Of course I had never meant to do most of that.