Iconic Hunter Boots

Hunter boots have had a long and illustrious history. Founded in Scotland in 1856, Hunter has been handcrafting top quality rubber rain boots for generations. Hunter boots were the official boots of the Royal Army in both World War l and World War ll, and in 1940, they became the official wellington of the British royal family. In 2004, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the green wellington, Hunter introduced four new colors to its line of classic black and green boots, and sales soared. Despite their staid and utilitarian beginnings, their undeniable style caught the attention of the fashion-forward, and they have become a much coveted wardrobe staple the world over.

The iconic Hunter boots are cozy, comfortable, durable and stylish. They successfully combine function and fashion. While the style and cachet of Hunter boots is indisputable, the quality and craftsmanship for which the company is known is the true reason behind it’s enduring success. Each boot is handcrafted from 28 individual pieces of rubber and rigorously tested to ensure durability. They are guaranteed to be watertight and are lightly lined with a quick-drying synthetic material for added warmth and comfort.

The most popular style of Hunter boot is the Original Tall Rain Boot. Knee-high, with a straight fit and classic lines, the Original, in green or black, goes well with just about any casual look. For the more adventurous, it also comes in a multitude of colors, such as red, blue, lavender, burgundy and olive; in a variety of heights, from bootie to knee-high; and in both traditional matte and glossy finishes. There’s even the option of slim and adjustable fits for different calf sizes.

In addition to the Classic, other popular Hunter boot styles are the Balmoral Equestrian, crafted from neoprene rather than rubber, the quilted Savoy Riding Boot, and the limited edition Rag & Bone Tall Boot, designed by the acclaimed denim house. There are even a short biker boot and a high-heeled leather boot.

Hunter boots can be styled in countless ways. They pair beautifully with leggings or skinny jeans, boxy sweaters and scarves; they make a playful statement when worn with a dirndl or a miniskirt; and they are downright edgy as an accessory to short shorts. Beyond the boots themselves, a huge assortment of socks and wellie liners are available to customize the boot’s basic look and keep it on trend from season to season.

In addition to women’s styles, Hunter offers a range of equally stylish rain boots and field boots for men, and adorable, brightly colored wellies for children. There is a truly a Hunter boot for every taste and style.

Wear Fringe Boots And Look Stunning

  • Tip 1 – Remember that less is more when it comes to fringed boots. You might love the fringed look, but this does not in any way mean that you must settle for boots that are all covered up in the fringe. Go easy with the amount or length of the fringe when buying boots so you do not end up looking immature and childish. To look chic, stylish, just enough fringe is what you should look for and not an all-fringed pair that hides other parts of the shoe.
  • Tip 2 – Keep other fringed items off your look. Fringes can be added to anything, including women’s handbags, jackets and even skirts and scarves. If you choose a cute fringed boot, then there should be no reason why you should add another fringed item to your look. Choose the rest of the clothing carefully so you can pull off a modern, stylish look unless what you are looking for is the traditional cowgirl look.
  • Tip 3 – Go for neutral colors when choosing the boots. Today color blocking is the thing and it is okay to choose neon green shoes to complete an outfit. However, when going for a fringed boot, it might not work as well. It is best that you keep off the bright colors and go for neutral colored boots; they look better and will be easy to pair with different outfits especially during the cold season.
  • Tip 4 – Try skinny jeans to show off your beautiful boots. The fringe does not make any sense if it is kept hidden and therefore skinny jeans work best for your look because they show off the beauty underneath. Leggings would also work for the boots because they tuck in easily just like skinny jeans. This is also a helpful tip because you manage to balance out the bulky look of the fringe boot with slim leggings or skinny jeans.
  • Tip 5 – Couple your pair with shorts. Boots and shorts are a trendy look and you will make it even trendier when you wear your favorite shorts with fringe boots. It is a combination that is popular even in the fashion industry and the most appealing look is with ankle boots and shorts that end somewhere on mid thigh. They would also work with short skirts.

Shop For Boots Online

If you have a fetish for boots, you know how important it is to find the best choice for you. Online stores will have huge boot collections for you to choose from but you must also play your part to get the very best. Knowing your legs and calves might be all the hints you need to make the right selection thus reducing on disappointments especially with online purchases.

  • Tip 1 – If your calves are thick, choose boots with stretchy fabric or leather, elastic gussets, laces and buckles should work fine for you. To flatter your leg curve, you can also choose those with angled cuffs. The secret is to avoid boots that can make wearing tedious as well as boots ending at the area the calf is widest or wraparound straps accentuating the fullness. You can wear your boot with leggings or tights with matching color for that lean long line look.
  • Tip 2 – If your legs are short, go for wedged and heeled boots to lengthen the appearance of your leg. Streamlined designs complete with vertical accents such as laces and zippers are best for you because they move the eyes upward compared to sideways. The secret should be to avoid slouchy cuts, straps and square toes which only add width. You can wear your boots with slim pants or a pencil skirt to keep the sleek elongation effect up.
  • Tip 3 – If your feet are wide, stick to almond or round shaped boots over the ones with pointy toes. They will give your feet enough room and give you a feminine look especially with a slim heel. Choose those with a front zipper so it is easier for you to slip your feet into it. Avoid boots that have straps and buckles around the foot-ball since they only broaden the look of your feet. You can wear the boots with trousers with a toe box skim so the foot width is broken.
  • Tip 4 – If your calves are skinny, go for flexibility. Everything from the material, laces and buckles should be flexible so that boot molds to your calves. Slim ankle boots will make an excellent fit for you, but you should go for colors that are bold to give a curvier look to the legs. Stay off slouchy cuts and wear your boots with a patterned skirt or contrasting tights to add dimension.