Bespoke Shirts

A bespoke shirt has many elements in it that makes it different from regular or made-to-measure shirts. Some of the most notable differences between other shirts or bespoke shirts are:

Every experienced bespoke dress shirt tailor will tell you that the main reason customers come to them is because they want to get a shirt exclusively made for them from a premium fabric of their choice. The knack to choose from a variety of options, give men the luxury to select on essentials like fabric, weight, texture, pattern and color. Thus occasioning in shirts that are really “be spoken for”.

Not only men have different physique from each other, but they also have different preferences. A bespoke shirt should have single needle stitching throughout. Although this technique is a little time consuming, it provides durable seams that don’t crease easily. It also has a positive effect on the durability of the fabric.

Bespoke designers pay attention to the smallest details. They not only take several measurements to get the perfect fit, but also assist you better by tuning your style sense by complimenting the shirts with different accessories like cufflinks and watches. Similarly, the collar size is designed according to …

Outfit Ideas for Summer

The Crop Top Fever

Crop tops have been rounds in countless fashion magazines and shows. Undoubtedly, it is the latest in the world of midriffs and hanging shirts. You can be very flexible with crop tops because you can wear it with pants, shorts, and even skirts. Knowing this summer must be an easy challenge if you have crop tops of various colors in your wardrobe.

Rockin’ a bikini

One of the best come from wearing bikinis. Summer is contextually similar to frolicking by the beach and you must agree that bikinis are by far the best thing you can be seen in. However, if you want to spice up that two-piece clothing, you can accentuate your look by wearing accessories like colored pearls and some pua shell necklace. This will surely hook you up with that great summer vibe.

Mad about prints

You can think of countless prints and still believe all will look fab on summer clothing. Your under the sun can consist of floral, boho, and geometric prints that can altogether fasten your look to a summer surprise. Printed clothing is a good choice if you are deciding on uniquely this summer.

White polos

White clothing …