Select The Party Shoes For You

  1. Women have a fetish for high heels because it lengthens the appearance. However, not all women are able to carry themselves in high-heeled shoes. Consider the height of the heel you are most comfortable wearing.
  2. The next important factor you must consider is the size. After all, the size of the shoe influences the comfort you will enjoy. You will definitely not be comfortable in a shoe that is a size smaller or one whose design hurts the toes even if it is the right size. Sizes vary by the brand and style. Therefore, when buying party shoes, ensure that you wear and move around in them to gauge the comfort level and how good they are for you.
  3. The materials used to make the shoes, particularly those used on the inside, are also an important consideration. It is always a good option to go for shoes with a cushioned insole; it must be cushioned at the heel and ball of the foot. Cushioning gives the foot good support especially if you will be required to stand long hours.
  4. Consider the arch support offered by the given style of shoe. It matters it more to people who suffer back problems as well as those with flat feet.
  5. It is a party and so many people feel colored shoes are best. However, the color of the shoe should be based on the dress color. If you go for flowery dresses, then you are better off sticking with silver or black. For solid colored dress, you can play around with the colors to make a striking contrast. The reds, browns and blues can be amazing depending on the dress that you have selected.
  6. Just like the shoe color, the embellishments on the shoe should relate to the dress. You don’t want to end up with a very ornate dress coupled with shoes which are too embellished. If your dress has lots of details, then stick to shoes that have none. On the other hand, if the dress is a little plain, you can choose shoes laced with embellishments which can be anything from stones to flowers and beads. The secret is to try and strike a balance with the dress, shoes and your face.

Make a Great Shoe Bow

Making your own shoe bows is easy if you have patience, if not you may want to head online and find a good quality shoe accessories company that will provide you with the ready made item.

Start by choosing the color bow you want to make. You can make the bow any thickness and size from a host of colors, maybe make one in each color so you always have a wide selection to choose from.

You will need ribbon, a pencil, glue or needle and thread and some snap hair clips. When it comes to the hair clips try and choose the smallest ones available, baby or young children clips will work best, you don’t want them to show under your shoe bow.

Form your bow around the pencil, this will enable you to pull it into the desired shape. It’s advisable to use a long piece of ribbon, you can always cut off the tails once you have the bow in the perfect design. Take your time, this can be finicky work. Ensure both sides of the bow are the same size and pull a piece around the center to create a neat finish.

With the bow in shape, you will want to cut off any extra lengths on the tails as you don’t want long ribbons hanging from your shoes once your shoe bow is finished. You may want to cut the tails off completely so you only have the bow on display, this is down to personal preference.

Now comes the harder part, you need to carefully remove the bow from the pencil without ruining the hard work you have already put into the design. With it in your hand you can either glue or sew the bow in place to reduce the risk of it coming undone once you are wearing it on your shoes. Remember you will need two, the second one you will have to work with harder to ensure it is an identical match to the first.

Take your hair clips, which should be the simple snap shut clips which will not cause damage to your shoes and carefully attach the shoe bow. For this you should use glue, but you can also pull your thread around the clip a few times to ensure your bow is securely in place.

Remember when securing your shoe bow to the clip you want the clip to fit in the center of the bow so you can easily clip the bow to the front, side or back of your shoe with ease, enabling you to create a number of different styles using only one bow design.

The final step in making your own shoe bows is to decide which shoes to wear them on. Shoe bows go beautifully with black ballet flats, high heels and sandals, you can clip the bow to your flip flops for a fun summer look or add them to a pair of stilettos to create a stunning finish to your wardrobe for any special occasion.

If you struggle putting the bows together, then choose a shoe bow design from one of the leading shoe accessory companies, order online and wait for them to arrive, clip them on and you’re ready to go.

Choose Shoe Accessories

Shoe accessories are just one way to stand out from the crowd and create an enviable signature look that you can truly call your own. There are many different types of accessory available, so before you buy, do a little investigation on how a find an accessory that suits you and the contents of your closet.

Shoe clips are probably the most classic choice when it comes to shoe accessories. Extremely versatile pieces, they can be used on flats, boots, high heels and sandals, and the only limit to your creativity is the breadth of your imagination.

Shoe clips are shoe accessories that are particularly suited to adding a quick and easy embellishment to a plain shoe. When positioned in the centre of the toe of a shoe, they can really draw the eye and make a simple shoe look fabulous.

This type of accessory comes in a huge range of styles and designs however, and is not only suited to the classic style mentioned above. Shoe clips featuring flowers, bows, jewels, ribbons and beads can be experimented with in a variety of positions on your different shoes. They are also not restricted to use on shoes; trying clipping them onto a scarf or purse instead to accent your outfit.

Heel jewels are some shoe accessories that can definitely add a bit of sparkle to any look. Whilst there many kinds of beautiful and varied jewelled shoe clips, there are also some different jewel options particular suited to wearers of high heels.

One of these options is that of jewelled heel rings, which can be used to embellish stiletto type heels. Applied simply by sliding the rings over the heels and fixing them securely in place, this kind of shoe accessory can make a typically boring feature of a shoe appear eye-catching and glamourous. With recent fashion trends favouring unusual heels, jewelled heel rings are particularly popular right now.

For the colder months of the year when wearing open-toed sandals and court shoes is off the agenda, many fashionistas will be pleased to know that there are many shoe accessories designed exclusively for boot wearers. These can make even those most plain boot look interesting, and you will be able to tone your style up or down depending on the occasion.

Boot chains are a particularly popular choice of shoe accessory. Coming in a variety of colors and thicknesses of chain, they can be attached on many different styles of boot for a rebellious look. The great news is that you are not restricted to just wearing one or two strands of chain; by wearing multiple chains you can increase the edginess of your outfit and create an even bigger impact.

It is worth remembering that all shoe accessories come in a variety of materials, shapes and colors. When choosing the right accessory for you, be sure to consider the look that you want to create and how any particular accessory will look on the shoes that you already own. If buying off the internet, make sure that the sizes and quality of the accessories are clearly stated to avoid disappointment.

If in need of some inspiration, scrapbooking websites such as Pinterest can give you a good idea of what looks good, and which shoe accessories are suited to particular footwear styles and outfits.Whether buying boot chains, heel jewels, shoes clips or all three, your imagination is truly the only limit when creating your perfect style.

Style Shoe Clips

Shoe clips are just one way to add an unusual or exciting element to footwear, and can make for an interesting and cost effective way of updating ones wardrobe. Instead of splurging on a new pair of shoes, it is now very easy just to buy a pair of beautiful shoe clips and attach them where you want on your shoes.

There are a number of ways to style shoe clips in order to get the maximum effect out of your new purchase, and to make sure that you create a look that will turn heads in a good way!

The beauty of using shoe clips is that you can attach them in various positions on your footwear, allowing them to create a different effect every time you wear your shoes. One of the most obvious positions to wear the clips is attached in a central position near the toe of a shoe. Done on each foot, this can create a classy and timeless look.

Which many shoes with fixed designs in this style available in all major fashion stores, the look of a central piece near the toe of each foot is a trend which doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon. The good news is with shoe clips is that you can swap the clips between footwear as it suits you, although this particular way of styling looks great on flats.

There are also different ways you can wear shoe clips to create a beautiful yet unusual result. One of these ways is by attaching a clip to the side of each shoe in a pair. This can create an attractive profile look when you are wearing your shoes, as is often suited to high heels such as court shoes of both the closed-toe and open-toe variety.

Bows of various sizes and other dainty shoe clips look especially good when worn on the side, whereas elaborate designs such as flowers and large jewelled items can be a great eye-catching centrepiece when fixed to the toe of a shoe.

Another option is to attach your shoe clips to the back of your shoes, near your ankle. Again, this is a great option for adding a touch of interest to high heels in particular. A style that looks particularly good in this position is that of cascading shoe clips with ribbons, chains and beads that fall down around the heel. Be careful though, as you don’t want to tread on them!

Shoes clips can be worn with all different colours and designs of shoes, although it is worth remembering that for a clean and classic look, elaborate clips are best paired with subdued and simple shoe designs. This will also allow you new shoe clip to stand out more on your shoe.

That said; feel free to let your imagination run wild when styling your shoe clips! Some of the most popular shoe designs today are eclectic mixes of colours, patterns, shapes and ornaments, and there is definitely no reason why you too cannot create a weird and wonderful look that is unique to you.