Wear A Long Prom Dress

Pair it

Although, a long dress is elegant, it tends to create an overly bulky look especially if you are too tall. To avoid the bulky look you should go for a shorter, fitted jacket. The jacket will cover part of the dress; therefore, you will have a balanced look.

If you can’t find a fitted jacket you should consider going for a fitted motorcycle jacket or a cropped sweater. If you are wearing an outfit with an empire-waist you should go for a jacket that ends below your bust line.

Go for small shoes

Since the dress is already long thus creating a large proportion, you should avoid large shoes and only consider wearing small shoes. Some of the appropriate shoes that you should wear are ballet flats. The good side with these shoes is that they don’t distract the dress thus lets the outfit speak for itself.

If you need a little bit of lift in your walk you should consider going for wedge sandals.

Add a belt

If the dress is too wide it will most likely overwhelm you. To avoid this you should consider adding a belt and you will successfully create a more balanced and proportioned look. If your outfit has a heavy material, you should wear a wide belt; however, if the outfit has a light material you should wear a thin belt. You can also use a scarf if you don’t have a thin belt.

Be careful with your accessories

Since a long prom dress is a statement piece by itself, you should avoid wearing a lot of accessories that can distract the look of the outfit. For ideal results you should minimize the number of accessories that you wear. When it comes to earrings and necklaces you should ensure that they are small in size.

When it comes to your hair, you should aim to create a Boho style. If your hair is long you should leave it unpinned; however, if your hair is short you should consider holding it with a headband, scarf or a decorated barrette.