Winter Fashion That Stands Out

Stay Warm Without Losing Your Fashion Cool

Since winter is upon us, the focus is on how we can look glam, but still withstand the elements without suffering from hyperthermia at the expense of looking fabulous. To make sure you always look good, fashion designers and clothing artisans are forever ready and waiting with a rich palette of colors, clothing and fashion accessories that will make you look fabulous regardless of what the thermometer says outside.

Winter White is Always “In”

For starters, while “white” is “out” after Labor Day, winter white, on the other hand, is definitely “in.” Colors range from cream and ivory to off whites and buffs. Nothing beats a pair of winter white slacks paired with a soft, pastel sweater, or try something with color to really make it pop.

Pencil skirts in muted greys, tweeds, tans and browns belted with scarves, decorative chain link belts or classic leather belts will brighten up even the dreariest day. Don’t be afraid to use a bold accent piece such as a chunky necklace or bracelet. Let your fashion philosophy be, less is more. In the wise words of fashion icon Coco Channel, “look at yourself in the mirror with all of your jewelry, then take one piece off” for a look that makes an understated, yet classic, statement.

From Basic to Bohemian, Choose Pieces that Reflect Your Personal Style

However, if you’re an artsy type, there’s no need to put your entire bohemian wardrobe into hibernation just because there’s a chill in the air. Jazz up a pair of jeans with a chunky patterned sweater, layered camisole and classic t-shirts tucked into a cool pair of jeans, you can add a classic Fedora to your overall outfit to complete your look.

The “Must Have” Winter Mainstay

One of the best things that come with winter is that coats are a mainstay. From the classic, tailored coat, full length faux fur, to cute jackets, winter gives you the opportunity to “debut” your look in a fun and stylish way. Pair a coat or jacket with a beret or any other fun or sophisticated hat and you’ll add instant polish and panache to your appearance. Boots are another accessory we love to wear during the winter months and have become a fashion statement in themselves. From the finest knee length leather boots to fashionable ankle boots and everything in between, boots are a necessary winter fashion accessory.